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Armando & Phillip is a men’s accessories company in honour of my grandfather’s Armando and Phillip, who came from the same small town in Italy (Limosano, Campobassso). They immigrated to Canada so that they could make better lives for their families. These two men took a chance on a dream and I am grateful for their strength, bravery, and courage. My small way of recognizing these two gentlemen is to follow my dream and make handsomely handmade products for the modern gentleman.  They are truly the inspiration for this custom men’s accessory company.

Both men were funny, loving, and caring. Armando’s bravery can be seen in his daughter, who is my mother, while Phillip’s sense of adventure has been passed down to his son, my father. Both men knew what they wanted out of life and would do whatever it took to achieve their goals. As much as they are an inspiration to this company, more importantly, they are the day-to-day inspiration in the lives of my family.

My parents took a chance and adopted two daughters. The process was long and difficult, and required travel to a foreign country, but like their father’s, they didn’t give up until their dreams were realized.

I am now joining the tradition of my grandfather’s and my parents by setting out on my own adventure. I hope I can honour their courage, bravery, and hard work as I work with clients on their journey to fulfilling their accessory needs. Armando & Phillip is my love letter to my family.